Through the years, we at LiveNF have shifted our gears and concentrated our approach on the people themselves. We wanted to focus on their needs, interests, and capabilities to help us understand the housing solutions that would suit them best. That is why we listened to their stories and set up events to encourage more people to come together and communicate their own accounts, practices, and understandings. These encounters and shared experiences lead to establishing connections and ties to the community of the City of Niagara Falls. This is what LiveNF seeks to establish beyond the physical dwelling places in the houses and apartments that we offer for sale or rent. The connections built from their shared experiences – through our art exhibits, fairs, markets, games, tournaments, and other events, establish the firm road to building the communities that we envision for everyone who decides to live in the City of Niagara Falls.

The people are crucial in the development of our communities. This has proven to be a successful strategy for LiveNF as we attract the right kind of people to live in our communities. As one client said, he knew that the City of Niagara Falls was the right place for him when he attended two of our events- the artists fair and the makers market. He was enticed to live in such a community that valued the creativity and contribution of artists and that the community supports these artists by providing markets for their craft and works of art. He saw it as a good give and take relationship that would allow everyone to pursue their passion and have the social and economic sustenance that he or she needs to support his needs and wants. This is one example of how we provide housing solutions to our clients. We make sure that they are suited to the community where they will reside and spend many fruitful years of their lives. This is the road to building communities that LiveNF upkeeps and promotes.